Man Met God In Out-of-Body Experience, Found God’s Answer to “WHAT’S THE MEANING OF LIFE?”

‘What’s the meaning of life?’ A cliché question that perhaps almost everyone may have asked once. Listen to the testimony as to how this 72-year-old man encountered God and asked this cliché question to God himself.

Richard describes himself as unreligious and honestly claimed that he has doubts about his faith, though he believes in God and in Jesus. However, on August 16, 2005, Richard experienced something that changed his life forever. During his surgery, while lying on the operating table and having a 10 percent chance of survival, Richard had an out-of-body experience.

He claims to have met God. Richard recalled what happens during his encounter with God and he said that he was able to talk with Him. God asked him if he had any questions and Richard, after much thinking, settled in asking this cliché question: “What’s the meaning of life?” He didn’t hear the answer from God himself but God gave his answer in a very unlikely way after he wakes up.

Surely talking with God was an amazing experience but what’s even more amazing was that he has experienced how it feels to be wrapped in the arms of God. Richard broke into tears as he shared that unexplainable feeling – the feeling of unconditional love.

Richard said that love changed him. He was never the same person as he was before because of that love. Surely it’s the love of God that will change us and surprisingly, that love is also the answer to the question that Richard asked. The meaning of life is LOVE.

Richard’s life is a testimony of a life changed by the love of God. Some may question it but a life changed is indisputable.

Watch his testimony and see how that incident changed his life forever:

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