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Pastor Reveals The Heart-warming Reason Of Keeping An Antique Desk of His Late Dad

Whatever we ask in the name of Jesus is possible. Our Father in heaven is rich. He holds the wealth of the world in His hands. Our God is able to supply our needs according to His riches and glory. We were given an opportunity to be children of a King. Our Father is a millionaire and we are all His heirs.

Steven Furtick is a Pastor, Songwriter and a Best-Selling Author of New York Times. He is the founder and lead Pastor of Elevation Church which is now turned into a global ministry through online streaming, television, and music. Their church is based in Charlotte, NC and they are broadcasting live every weekend and on-demand all throughout the week.

His words are powerful as he is always guided by the Holy Spirit every time he talks about the word of God to the public. His technique in preaching is using his personal experiences and childhood stories as an example.

In one of his messages, he shared a story about him wanting an antique desk owned by his father. When his dad died, he asked his mother that he wants to keep the desk and bring it to his new house. He mentioned that there was an instance when a woman doubted him of attending college because they don’t have money to support his education. But his dad left him a message that gave him the confidence to achieve his goals in life. These are the exact words that his father told him before he went to college as his father was standing right next to the desk “When you get out there, don’t you be broke and not tell me about it. If I have money, you have money”. That was so sweet and loving as a father knowing that his son could always depend on him no matter what happens.

Watch the video below and reflect on Pastor Steven’s powerful words that could change your life!

Everything that we want in this world can be provided by Jesus. If the Father has it, we all have it too. God is the Prince of Peace and therefore He can give us everlasting peace. Our God is unlimited and whatever we ask in His name will be granted. Ask and it shall be given!

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