3 Boys Show The World What They Got Singing A Beautiful Rendition of ‘Listen’

Talented people are all over the world and they do not stop bringing surprises to their followers. It is a gift from God and these talents should be shared all over the world giving credits to our Father in heaven who gave us such talent. You can be talented in different ways. The most common is singing, dancing, acting but there are still a lot of areas that one can be lucky to have a gift.

The TNT Boys are proud to represent the Philippines where they were born and raised. The group is consist of 3 young boys namely Mackie Empuerto, Francis Concepcion and Kiefer Sanchez. They were first known because of their viral videos singing together. They also won in a certain competition in the Philippines known to be the Tawag Ng Tanghalan. Now they’re back and they are continuing to surprise people all over the world with their marvelous talent in singing.

The incredible trio is now on their feet to the next level joining The World’s Best and they did not disappoint. They have chosen Beyonce’s famous song “Listen” and their rendition is one of a kind. They were indeed singing in perfect harmony giving goosebumps to the judges. They need a 75 score to move to the next round and the boys rocked their audition having a score of 99! Watch the video below and witness how talented these young boys are!

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