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Police Officer Hailed A Hero after Saving A 9-Day-Old Baby at The Side of The Highway

Couple Joe and Jody Schleicher thought they would lose their 9-day-old baby when she suddenly stopped breathing in the middle of a busy highway.

It was the mom, Jody, who noticed something was wrong with her baby Olivia. She saw the baby was not breathing that she instantly took the baby out of the car seat.

Not knowing what to do, both Joe and Jody looked around for help when they spotted Pittsburg Police Officer Kristin Mitrisin in her patrol car.

Joe started beeping his horn in hopes of getting the attention of the officer. As soon as Officer Mitrisin reached out to them, Joe informed her that his baby was not breathing and they badly needed help.

Officer Mitrisin began a chest compression on the baby. A correction officer also came over to help her. Officer Mitrisin instructed the other officer to pull out the defibrillator, but it was no longer necessary. Baby Olivia has started breathing.

The officers wasted no time and rushed the family to the nearest hospital. There, the baby was diagnosed with a heart condition requiring immediate surgery.

Officer Mitrisin was happy to be in the right place, at the right time for baby Olivia.

The Schleicher couple has been praying for their daughter’s speedy recovery so she can come home and hopefully have a second chance to meet her hero.

“If the officer would be willing to meet the baby and meet up with us after she comes out of the hospital, that’s something we’d definitely be interested in. I feel like she may feel as proud as we are, knowing that she saved the baby,” Joe said.

They started a GoFundMe campaign to help the family with the medical bills for baby Olivia.

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