LifestylePower of Prayer: 2-Year-Old Girl in Pool Accident Miraculously Saved

Power of Prayer: 2-Year-Old Girl in Pool Accident Miraculously Saved

Prayer makes miracles.

Two-year-old Evelynn Jo Sharp hit her head at a swimming pool but has miraculously recovered.  The family gives glory and honor to God as they attributed her recovery to the power of prayer. 

Evelynn Jo Sharp, a two-year-old child had a miraculous recovery from her pool accident because of prayer by the Oklahoma community/Image Screenshot from YouTube of KFOR Oklahoma News

On June 12, her medical incident occurred in the Holdenville Swimming Pool in Hughes County when she slipped as she climbed the stairs at the slide of the pool. 

“She landed flat on her back, and you could hear her head hit,” lamented grandmother Leslie Smith, who brought Evelynn and her siblings to the pool.

Evelyn felt a pain that made her cry. Later, she calmed down, ate a mouthful of nachos, and returned to the pool like everything was normal. However, in a short while, Evelyn vomited, passed out, and experienced convulsion. 

“Her eyes were fixed,” Smith explained. “She wasn’t blinking anymore. She was unresponsive. She wasn’t talking to me.”

Period of Waiting from Responders

While waiting for the emergency personnel to come to the scene, grandmother and nurse Leslie aided Evelyn. The responders assessed that the child needed to be flown by helicopter to OU Health – University of Oklahoma Medical Center. 

“Nothing can compare to how your heart just drops,” said Smith. “I didn’t want to lose her, and I didn’t want to have to call her parents and tell my daughter that her daughter may be gone.”

The doctors at OU Health evaluated that Evelyn’s brain might be bleeding and have traumatic brain damage or death. She was subjected to various tests and was intubated. Contrary to their fears, the tests showed negative results. The girl had a minor skull fracture and hematoma. Gladly, she would be okay. 

Evelyn and her family were released from OU Health the next day. 

Churches, family members, friends, and businesses in the area prayed for the child’s recovery during the whole ordeal. 

Family Members’ Faith Increased

“Everybody’s life is affected by somebody else’s life, and there were hundreds of people praying for her,” Melissa Sharp, Evelyn’s mother, expressed. 

“I’ve struggled with my faith,” shared Evelynn’s mother, Melissa Sharp. “I’ve struggled with believing God was real, and this was the proof. My daughter should be a vegetable. There’s no way she should be 100 percent walking around at a park. She should still be at a hospital. She should still be unconscious. She should still be sedated. But within 22 hours, she was released, and she’s 100 percent.”

Grandmother Leslie echoed Melissa’s perception. 

Smith shared the sentiments.

“It’s a miracle,” she said. “There’s no reason for that baby to be here without it being a miracle. But God, he had her. The whole entire time he had her.”

The family is still asking for more prayers as Evelyn will have checkups with a neurologist. 

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