Pregnant Woman Was About To Die But Miracle Happened In God’s Perfect Time

Miracles exist only if you believe and have a bigger faith in Him. Unexpected things happen in the blink of an eye if it is God’s will. We may be suffering from too many hardships recently but the time will come that all of these will completely vanish and everything will go well with you. We may consider some trials as impossible to be resolved, but by the mighty hand and power of Jesus Christ, everything would be possible!

Treva was on her 37th week of pregnancy when she felt something different. Her blood pressure was so high that it came rushing into her veins. She was not feeling good by that time and she was not prepared when she suddenly collapsed on the floor. She was brought to the hospital and the doctors were there to examine her body and make sure that everything will be fine.

As a result, she was diagnosed with severe toxemia. Her kidney and liver also failed to enlarge the size of her liver. Her blood pressure was so high that it is almost at the stroke level. The doctors decided to perform an emergency C section in order to save the baby inside her womb.

Everything went well to Treva and her baby after the operation. She was thankful that God did not leave her during the darkest time of her life. She prayed to God thanking Him for all the wonderful things that He has done and for saving her precious little baby. Treva has claimed God’s promise in His scripture that whoever believes in Him and has a firm foundation of faith will be rewarded by the end of the day. God will never leave His children nor forsake them. Thank Him for His faithfulness and start serving His ministry in order to bring back all glory and praises to His name.

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