LifestyleRide On King Jesus – Awesome Youth choir!

Ride On King Jesus – Awesome Youth choir!

A mesmerizing performance! This choir gives a marvelous blend of voices. The 4 voice types opened up the song on a sweet soprano note then goes through the song with a perfect balance of the 4 voices. The accents and tempos have a very ringing cadence of melodiousness giving meaning and power to the song. The listener is transported back in time when the black community would sing this song in the chapel. The choirs’ rendition of the song resonates with a vibrant portrayal of Jesus when He rode on a donkey and entered Jerusalem to the cries of “Hosanna”. The choir captures that moment, making the imagination clearly see the majesty and power of that time.

Proclamation Gospel Choir has given many songs life. Their synchronized movement to the cadence of the song gives a powerful dynamics never seen or heard before. Their canon execution in the middle of the song makes the audience to never want the singing to end. This is the power that has propelled this choir to stardom on the internet. Their youtube videos have gone viral such that they are on their way to finishing an album of their songs this year. Choir members would want the songs to minister to listeners encouraging people to want to go to church more and more. Watch the video and be mesmerized.

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