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Rory Feek Spent $100K Given By Fans After Wife’s Death To Do Things That Benefit So Many People

Sharing is a simple act of giving to others without expecting something in return. God loves a cheerful giver. Giving something could be a simple act of kindness but it could also mean a lot for somebody. Helping others is one way of showing your love to Jesus. He always reminds us of loving one another as He has loved us. Treat your neighbors well and help the needy for they are God’s creation. Do something remarkable while you’re still living on earth for people will thank God through a good deed that you’ve done.

Rory and Joey Feek were American country and bluegrass duo who are both singers and songwriters. People love them for their sweet performance and perfect blend. Rory has written singles for other artists before the duo’s foundation. They were a couple in real life and was blessed with a lovely daughter named Indiana who was born with down syndrome. Despite her situation, the couple treated her like a normal baby and gave her love more than she can ever ask.

Rory was devastated when he learned that Joey has a breast cancer. It was a long battle with her family by her side when she had her last breath. Knowing that her husband and daughter loved her so much is enough reason for her to accept God’s plan of taking her home to heaven. It was a sorrowful event that Rory has to face. He is confused about how to cope up with his responsibilities now that he’s left all alone to watch Indiana grow. Their fans sent them letters and cards to show their sympathy to the family and they even gave a total of $100,000 to help. Rory kept the money as he was left with no plans after what happened.

He tried sending Indiana to a school 30 minutes away from their farm but it didn’t last long as he took a leap of faith and changed his plans. He then came up to an idea of using the donated money to construct a schoolhouse not only for Indy but for others to use it as well. Their community gathered together and built a one-room schoolhouse that everyone may benefit. Rory used the blessing that he received in order to bless others. Joey’s lost could be miserable but out of it is something that would remind people of her death. Share your blessings to others and the Lord will surely bless your life with overflowing blessings.

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