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More than 600,000 Students Express Request of Religious Freedom by Bring Bible to School on Invitation of Sadie Robertson

The Bible is the greatest weapon we have in battling the enemy. It contains the Holy Word of God written by men, inspired by the Holy Spirit. In times of trials and sorrow, the Bible tells us to trust God and do not be afraid. In times of worries, the Bible tells us not to worry because God will provide. In times of calamities, the Bible tells us that our God is a God who saves and we should not be afraid.

Sadie Robertson is an American actress and reality television star on the A&E show Duck Dynasty. Sadie was born in West Monroe, Louisiana and is also an author and speaker in various events. She invited everyone to attend to Bring Your Bible To School Day encouraging students to be bold and brave in sharing God’s word at school. This is the day where students should start expressing their religious freedom and form some sort of Bible study group during their vacant time.

The event was successful and there were more than 600,000 students who took courage and attended an event that would surely make Jesus happy. Some of them even shared their personal testimony about their experience of bringing their Bible in school. A mother shared her story that her son gave out bookmarks to his classmates as an invitation for the big day and they liked it! A 17-year-old boy named Matthew also shared that his classmates consider the Bible as an ordinary random book and that his heart is full of excitement as he brings his Bible and starts sharing the word of God.

Watch the video and listen to her inspirational invitations, and bring your Bible to your life!

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