‘She just wanted to bring joy to my kids:’ Act of kindness at Walmart from complete stranger goes viral

No act of kindness is too small. With all that has been going on in our world, we all need something like the generous gesture a woman did for a family at a self-checkout at Walmart in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Bobby Clayton and his two sons were just purchasing supplies for their Independence Day celebration at Walmart. 

Then a stranger suddenly began to talk about their Fourth of July plans. As she was about to finish checking out her groceries, she asked Bobby if she could buy something for his kids.

Bobby Clayton responded, “I just said, ‘Yes, sure.’ She looked at the kids and said ‘Pick out whatever candy you want on the shelves,’ and she said ‘I don’t care what it is, you can have it.’”

To the delight of his two boys, Harvi and Ryder, they immediately picked packages of gummy bears. The woman paid for the candies and gave them to the kids.

Bobby was stunned. He said, “I have no clue who she is, and I even asked her her name, and she just kind of walked off, like she didn’t want me to know, she just wanted to do it.” The family did not even catch her name.

But what she did made the family’s life in the next several days a whole lot better. Clayton shared the news in a Facebook group he started called Stokes and Surry County Incident Alerts. He also helps out at the Belews Creek Fire Department.

People who commented shared how the tiny act of generosity had an impact on their life as well.

Clayton and his family have this to tell the kind woman: “I want to say thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making my kids smile today and showing them love and respect. I encourage everyone to try and do one good thing for somebody each and every day.”

Hebrews 13:16 says to always do good whether it costs you small or a lot for it pleases the Lord. “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

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