LifestyleSkit Guys Shares Message About God’s Masterpiece, Funny But True!

Skit Guys Shares Message About God’s Masterpiece, Funny But True!

God created everything that exists and every little thing that we see has its own purpose of why it was made. We are living a life full of pretensions. We want other people to see us sparkling even though deep inside, we’re trying to cope up with our own misery. We often neglect God’s plan in our lives and we rather choose to live a life full of sins.

Skit Guys is a funny partnership between Tommy Woodard and Eddie James. They are both writers and performers with a purpose of spreading the word of God. They have worked over 20 years of creating drama and clean comedy which are all faith-based. They are humorous and at the same time, teaches everyone a lesson which is realistic nowadays. Tommy and Eddie are former youth ministers and they were best friends since high school.

They enjoyed seeing people happy, hitting two birds with one stone. They have created a drama about us being God’s masterpiece. God created us and He wanted us to live like Christ. He aims to chisel the extra load that we carry. These are the negative traits that we learned as life goes by without realizing that it is already trying to separate us from God. Watch the video below and reflect on the message of faith that God wants us to hear today.

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