Skydiver Calls It ‘A Miracle’ That He Survives Fatal Mid-Air Collision

For Korey Fisher, it was nothing short of a miracle when he survived a mid-air-collision during a skydiving expedition and walked out of its devastating repercussions weeks after treatment. He said he wouldn’t have made it out alive without God’s saving grace.

In 2011, Fisher looked for ways to strengthen his bond with Christ and build self-confidence at the same time. He turned to skydiving, a death-defying sport that takes extreme caution in order to avoid catastrophe.

Fisher thought he had it all figured out when he went for a dive in November 2017. But he never imagined that he would face his death when he collided with another jumper in air and fell over 200 feet before hitting the ground. He recalled that the first thing that came to mind was “I’m dead.”

“I just remember accepting it. There was nothing I could do,” Fisher said in the video below.

He felt that he was slowly dying even while he drifted in and out of consciousness. Fisher was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for massive internal injuries, a broken neck, and twelve broken ribs. The doctor’s initial thought was that he was going to be paralyzed considering the severity of his broken neck.

However, his parents remained calm and started a prayer brigade to help their son come out of the collision alive and not be paralyzed. Their prayers were answered! The spinal surgeon called it a miracle that Fisher can move everything. He needed surgery though and at that time, Fisher sought the Lord to help him through the operation.

“They brought me a phone and there was a loving man on the other end who agreed with me in prayer, quoted scripture with me, and then prayed,” Fisher said and added that afterward, he remembered feeling the peace and the assurance that he was going to be all right.

The operation was a success and it was off to rehab for Fisher, who wasn’t the least bit worried. He placed his faith in God that he will be walking soon before Christmas. Three weeks after the accident and days before Christmas, Fisher was completely healed!

“Not only did Jesus save my life, but my recovery was supernaturally graced as well. It’s completely a miracle…No doubt about it,” Fisher proclaimed.

Six years later, Fisher became a certified skydiving instructor. He came out of the accident with more self-confidence and with a renewed faith in God that He will guide him in his every endeavor. The experience strengthened Fisher’s trust in God and made him realize that God answers the prayers of his children.

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