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Social Worker Remained Quiet His Whole Life, Reason Behind Changed Many Lives

They say you gotta be careful with somebody who remains silent most of the time. Each one of us has different personalities and it needs to be respected. There are some who remains to be discreet and maintain to have privacy with their lives. While for some, they enjoy life by sharing everything that they have to people whom they find comfortable talking to and being with.

Alan Naiman is a social worker by profession who remained private when it comes to his personal life. Many would think that he is a good speaker and talks to different people because of his job, but he’s certainly not. He is a quiet type of person and you can barely hear him talking to others. It could be an attitude that he has maintained since he was young but deep inside is a reason behind that will surely make your heart melt. Alan is a very thrifty person and he saves a lot. He’s the type of a person that would prefer putting tape on his worn out shoes rather than spending some amount to buy a new one. You’ll not gonna see him eating in expensive restaurants but would rather grab the opportunity to avail some discounted meals.

Alan learned to save money since he was responsible of taking good care of his brother who has a developmental disability. When his brother died last 2013, he still continued to save for himself preparing for his future. When Alan died, people were shocked upon seeing his last will. It clearly shows that his beneficiaries were certain charities that he wanted to help. One of them is Barbara Drennan’s private organization which aims to help babies who were victims of drug abuse moms. Another charity that he left his fortune is the Treehouse foster care leaving $900,000 as part of his generous wealth. Alan’s life is totally a blessing to others. His kindness is appreciated by people who have received help from him and he remained to be an example of a life well spent.

Social Worker Leaves Behind $11m For Children’s Charities
No one who knew Alan Naiman could have guessed he had amassed a fortune. The frugal social worker bought his clothes at Costco, cut coupons and liked to take thrifty road trips for his holidays. But when he left $11m (£8.7m) to local charities, friends say they were not surprised by his generosity.

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