Son With Down Syndrome Finds Dad Sobbing On The Floor, Compassion He Showed Left People With Teary Eyes

We were all created equally in the eyes of God. There are people who are well physical and there are some who needs special care and attention. We sometimes look at them as somebody who is inferior and can’t do anything to help. We may think that they can’t do anything to make a change in this world. We may be cruel to them at some point in life trying to separate them from normal people and deprive them of things that we think they would only cause harm. These people need encouragement not only from their loved ones but also from the people that surround them.

Jeff Church is the father of a special child named JJ. JJ was born with Down syndrome and his father takes good care of him all the time. JJ grew up with his dad with too much love and his dad is always there to back him up. Jeff knew that he needs to be strong enough for JJ and make sure that all his needs are supported. One day, Jeff received a phone call and heard a news that made his world collapsed. He would not like to go into details but something happened that made his heart broke down into pieces. He fell down on the floor sobbing inside his room invaded by darkness. JJ knows where to find him and suddenly ran his way to Jeff’s room. JJ hugged him tight rocking him while uttering the exact words “It go be okay, It go be okay”. That moment he felt the love and compassion of his son.

We all need to know that people who have a Down syndrome condition are a way nicer than we think they are. They are the people who can express love and care in a genuine way. Treat them like normal people and let them feel that we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord and in the eyes of men. If you know somebody with Down syndrome, thank them for making the world a better place and for teaching us a lesson that whatever your condition is as long as your heart is pure, it brings joy to the people around you.

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