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StikYard’s Version of “How Great Thou Art” Made Audience Stand On Their Feet Rejoicing, You Got to See This!

Music was made to give back the glory to God. Our heart rejoices every time we hear gospel music for this is one way of worshiping the Father in heaven. The lyrics which give praises to His name and the hymn which is very relaxing to the soul give us peace within. How Great Thou Art is one of the famous gospel songs that everyone is quite familiar. It talks about how great God’s power is. The hymn is based on a Swedish traditional melody and a poem written by Carl Boberg. We have already heard a lot of renditions of How Great Thou Art but StikYard’s version is amazing!

StikYard is a spirited fusion of driving percussion. They have original music, arrangements, and unique choreography. They utilize a dazzling display of unique and specially designed instruments which brings excitement and fun to the audience. The team is also blessed with great drummers who are their lifeblood. StikYard has an incredible rendition of How Great Thou Art that filled everyone’s heart with joy and made the audience stand on their feet while giving praises to God.  Oh, what a talent the Lord has blessed them with!

Watch the video below and dance on your feet while listening to StikYard’s version of How Great Thou Art! Feel the presence of the Lord in this song for He is truly great, His love endures forever!

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