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Stranger At London Station Left Everyone Hanging When He Started Putting Fingers On Piano

We met various types of people as we tackle our life’s journey. We encounter strangers who would bring harm but there are also people meant to brighten our day in a very simple way yet unforgettable. We do not judge people according to their physical attributes. We might be surprised by strangers that we meet along the way are often used by God to teach us a lesson.

A piano is displayed at the London Station and it is available to be used by anybody. It is just left in an area where a lot of people passes by every single day. A man in the green jacket was staring at the piece of the instrument and started using it. He started a key which sounded very familiar to others. The hymn was a gospel song and its melody was close to everyone’s heart. It was a mellow sound that the man was trying to play. It was Terry Miles, a piano teacher and a man blessed with a gift of music pleasing to the ear. He was playing Amazing Grace which is a common gospel song and an old classic.

The first set of notes were mellow but when he finally reaches his peak, he started doing his specialty in Boogie Woogie style and the people at the London Station started to take photo and video of him. It was indeed a perky presentation and it gave joy to people who were destined to pass by at that time. Cherish the gifts that you have and think of awesome ways to present it to others. Let them know that God has blessed you with an incredible talent and that you should make your Father in heaven proud of you! Don’t skip the video below as your heart will surely jump out as you hear this wonderful music.

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