Switchfoot Released New Album Native Tongue, “All I Need” Brings Out The Best In Them!

We are all experiencing different situations in life and what we undergo right now is incomparable to others. Our life is the most precious gift from our Father in heaven and He bestowed us everything in life. Most of us often complain about not having a good life without even appreciating the blessings that we have received from God.

Switchfoot is an American alternative rock band originally from San Diego, California. We have heard a lot of gospel songs from them with amazing lyrics that we can reflect on. The group has become successful and first gained mainstream with the inclusion of their songs in the movie A Walk To Remember. Now they just release another album entitle Native Tongue wherein the second single from this brings out the best in them.

Switchfoot continues to inspire the lives of many through their beautiful songs and spectacular performance. Their song All I Need declares a great message that it is not what we need in life but it is who. Jesus is all we need and it is Him who can give us the satisfaction in life. Ask and it will be given through His mighty power, nothing is impossible. Trust Him and He will give you hope and a better future.

SWITCHFOOT – ALL I NEED – Official Music Video
The official music video for “ALL I NEED” from SWITCHFOOT’s forthcoming album, NATIVE TONGUE! The NATIVE TONGUE Tour with Colony House and Tyson Motsenbocker starts this February!

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