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Teenager Cut 2 Feet Hair For A Friend With Cancer, What She Did Left Readers In Tears

Girls are known to be somebody who is very careful when it comes to taking care of their physical attributes. We always wanted to look pretty in front of other people. We wear makeups, clean our nails and polish it. We also maintain the glow of our hair as we consider it to be our crown. We even feel sad every time we see tons of strands after taking a shower.

Alyssa White is a 16-year-old girl who is suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Her hair has fallen due to her chemotherapy and she feels sorry for it. She knows it’s gonna be happening due to her condition but what she worries is her upcoming prom. She thought of buying a wig just for her to look presentable during her prom. On the other hand, her friend Ashley Smith wears a beautiful blonde hair which she always makes sure it’s being taken cared of. She swore she won’t cut it unless somebody needs it.

Ashley was more concerned about her friend Alyssa so what she did is she decided to have her hair cut off by 2 feet and have it made into a wig. She raised $2300 to have an incredible surprise for her friend Alyssa. This is an example of sacrificial love, a love of a true friend which melts the hearts of everyone who knew their story. Watch the video below and witness Ashley’s kindness as she surprises her friend Alyssa during their prom, the night that teenagers have been waiting for.

She cut off two feet of hair and changed someone’s life
She teared up when she talked about cutting her hair, and when she explained why, we teared up too.

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