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The Baby’s Reaction Is So Sweet When Listening Her Dady Sings “You are so beautiful to me”!

Unconditional Love

Parents love their children more than anything else in the world. They say that being protective of their children is one way of preparing them to a more brighter future. A mom and dad’s love is truly unconditional and constant in spite of arguments or some reasons to do so. Parents who train their children in the way they should go.

The video shows how a father loves his child that out of his happiness and great affection, it made him sing a sweet song with a perfect melody to an ear. This story shows how deep a father’s love for us. The best example of a perfect father is our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the most compassionate Father the world have known. A Father who sacrificed His life by dying on the cross to save His children and free them from sins. Nothing can separate us from the love of our Father. He always makes sure that we are nurtured by His love and protection. An ideal dad is one who disciplines their children as an order from God. A father who doesn’t easily give up on their kids but is always ready to forgive and receive his child back with open arms. The best father in the world are those fathers who are living a Christ-like life and pray for their children’s salvation.

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