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The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children

We have different prayers for every stage of our lives. When we were little kids, what we pray for is for us to have the toy we always dreamed of. When we were older, we pray for God to guide us on the right path. We pray differently based on our situation and ages.

The video shows two women sharing what their prayers were. One is a mother who shared about how she prayed for her children to marry the right person from the moment they were born up to when they were already adults. She recalled how she sees no visible results and jokingly told his son that the girl he will marry will have to miraculously appear in his studio or live near his house because that is where he stayed most of the time, either in his home or in his studio which is also in his home.

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God answered her prayers because one day, his son was hired to produce an album for a young woman who turned out to be everything they ever wanted for their son to be with. His son and the girl soon fell in love and got married.

It is true that God works in mysterious ways. They trust that He will provide them the right person for their son and that is exactly what God did. In His own perfect time and in His own perfect ways.

The other woman in the video is actually the girl that the first lady is talking about, she is her daughter-in-law. She recalled how her life was once a roller-coaster ride – battling cancer and her emotional pain, she survived everything and realized that God did that because He was slowly guiding her to her future. She realized that the reason why she experienced that was because God wanted her to be the voice of her generation and let people know not to take their lives for granted.

A lot of things happened after her successful journey to cancer and one of them is having the honor to record an album for Make A Wish. That is when she met the man of his life. Everything is unexpected but everything seems so perfect and right and done according to God’s plans.

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