This man’s wife just broke his heart. But Their Story Made People Cry With Joy!

Steve and Heather had been married for 5 years. Steve had been waiting for a kidney donation for 14 years and there seems to be no hope in sight. Due to frustration Steve had taken to baseball batting in order to make himself stronger and to remove his anxiousness. Recently, he was put on the urgent transplant list.  Time is running out on Steve. Heather then decided to get herself tested to see if she was a match for him so she can donate one of her kidneys. After 3 days she found out that she was a perfect match and that Steve can immediately have the transplant at the end of the month. For Heather, this is a small sacrifice since her donation would mean that they would get to spend a longer time together. Her love for him is immeasurable.

So, what is the true measure of love?, what makes you give up on your loved one?. The answer to these questions depends on the belief of each person. Sometimes, even small stuff can break up a marriage; But, not in the case of Heather. She would go a thousand miles just for Steve. She wanted to spend the rest of her years with him because her love for him is true. You see, there are marriages that do last for a lifetime. These marriages that endure through the worst of times are the ones that get to celebrate anniversaries until they are parted by death. In reality, people look up to this kind of marriage and wishes to have such kind of relationship. Thus, this couple had just shown us that they have a forever love. Watch the video and get blessed with a wonderful real life love story.

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