LifestyleTim Tebow Encourages People To Stop Living By Emotions But By Convictions

Tim Tebow Encourages People To Stop Living By Emotions But By Convictions

Tim Tebow has been vocal about his Christian faith and he shares about God’s power and influence in his life on stages, on social media, and in Christian gatherings. He has been proven himself a good influence in living a godly life.

The NFL player continues to share uplifting messages of hope and faith and his recent message had him asking us what we live by. If we live by our emotions or by our convictions. If we live by our emotions then he encourages us to stop and tune in to our convictions instead.

“If you’re someone that listens to your emotions you need to stop because sometimes they will be good and sometimes they will be bad,” Tebow said, “You see a lot of people will say that it comes from emotions. I have to have my emotions. I have to care so much about what I’m doing and I totally disagree with that because emotions will lie to you.”

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As Christians, we get to live by our convictions…not our emotions. What do you live by? Your convictions or your emotions?

He then explained why we should stop listening to our emotions and follow our convictions when it comes to our decisions.

“If you listen to your convictions, even when you’re tired and your emotions tell you ‘I don’t want to get up,’ your convictions say ‘I’ll be the first one up,'” Tebow explained.

The 32-year-old outspoken Christian added that when our emotions tell us we’ve done enough, our convictions will encourage us to do more. The same goes when our emotions tell us that we are good, our convictions motivate us to be great. Tebow’s message is an eye-opener. It inspires us to live by our convictions if we want to succeed in life and live out God’s expectations of us. He reminds us to not depend on our convictions because doing so can yield disappointing results.

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