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To People Who Got Food from Trash They Invite to Enjoy Pizza, Saying: No Questions Asked!

Humanity—this is what these employees from Little Ceasars teach us. And they portrayed humanity in a very unlikely way–by giving away pizza for FREE to people who are not cared for by others! They saw the need in their world and they ACTED on it.

How many of us have already forgotten how it is to be a human? People got too selfish, thinking that they would only do something if they got to benefit from it. But that is not, in all sense, humanity. Humanity is caring for someone even if you do not get any return at all. They saw the need and acted on it.

Hunger, I think is on top of the injustices plaguing the world. Anywhere, may it be in a first world or third world countries, there are people who suffer from hunger. Everyone deserves to live but every second someone dies out of an empty stomach! But how many of us put in our plates more than what can fill our stomachs? How many of us order a box of pizza or a bucket of chicken then leaves it behind the store tables because our stomachs are so full that we can no longer consume what’s left? I mean many suffer or even die of hunger, but there are also those who do not appreciate the privilege of filling their stomachs with more than enough.

We all want change. When we see injustices happening, it’s so natural for us humans to feel bad about it and there’s a nudging inside us that’s calling us to do something. But do we listen to it? Or do we just ignore it and continue living our own comfortable lives? The latter seems to be popular and “normal”. But the employees of the popular pizza chain chose to do the unpopular. It is not about popularity at the end of the day, but about seeing the needs and acting, in any way that you can, to meet it. They saw the need of that person who goes through their trash bins every night and they believed that humans like him deserved more than those dirty and spoiled pizza.

That simple and intentional act of kindness opens our eyes that we can do something. It doesn’t mean to feed this whole hungry world but to feed those who are hungry in your world. Who would have thought that this simple act of kindness will create a huge difference not just in their world but even in others’ world? You can start making a difference in where you are right now. Look around you! There may be people out there who are just waiting to experience that simple kindness that only you can offer.

Sympathy, only by itself, won’t fill the stomachs of those who are hungry. I believe that more than just being sympathetic, we need to be more compassionate. Compassion is love in action. Love must not mean just being a bystander, watching others suffering, but knowing that you can certainly do something. Love must be put to action.

The third time he (Jesus) said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?” …He said, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.”—John 21:17

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