Tokyo Olympics Gold Medalist Sydney McLaughlin Gives Glory to God

Sydney McLaughlin broke her own record in the 400-meter hurdle on Wednesday at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. She praised God and gave Him glory upon winning her first Olympic gold medal.

McLaughlin finished at 51.46 seconds which was 0.44 seconds faster than her previous record which was set during the Olympic trials in June of this year. The trial record even broke the former world-champion, US Olympic athlete, Dalilah Muhammad. 

McLaughlin and Muhammad were the only women to have ever run the heat under 52 seconds which is why their records were significant.

In an interview with NBC after winning the Olympic gold medal, McLaughlin said that she was able to win because she trusted the process.

The 21-year old new 400-meter hurdle gold medalist gave glory to God for the season, the hard work, dedication, and that she was really grateful to be able to represent her country. 

McLaughlin was open about being Christian during her interviews. She said that working with her new coach and a new support system helped a lot and that all of those were gifts from God.

About competing with Muhammad, McLaughlin had deep respect for the former gold medalist. She is a great competitor, McLaughlin said. The biggest reason that she did not lose against Muhammad this year was her faith and trusting in God. She said that God is in control of everything. 

“As long as I put the hard work in, He’s going to carry me through. And I really cannot do anything more but give the glory to Him at this point,” McLaughlin said to media members during a post-race interview.

Regarding her world record, she boldly stated on her Instagram:

“I no longer run for self recognition, but to reflect His perfect will that is already set in stone. I don’t deserve anything. But by grace, through faith, Jesus has given me everything. Records come and go. The glory of God is eternal. Thank you Father.”

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