Tori Kelly Released Her New Gospel Song “Psalm 42” – Such a Heart-Stirring and Phenomenal Performance!

Tori Kelly is an American singer, songwriter, actress and record producer who started posting videos on YouTube and gained recognition when she was at the age of 14. Kelly is a practicing Christian and her faith plays a part in her songwriting. As you can probably hear in her new song “Psalm 42,” her upcoming album is an exploration of her Christian faith.

Pop star Tori Kelly has released a new song from her upcoming album “Hiding Place” and it is indeed stunning! The song lyrics talk about the scripture in the book of Psalm 42 explaining how we need God in our lives. Kelly’s performance was wholehearted and heart-stopping telling everyone how the Lord prepared His way for her.

Human, as we are, have a different set of needs. We may feel the need physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As our body needs food and shelter in order to survive, our souls also experience hunger and thirst that can only be filled by our Lord Jesus Christ. Our soul needs the word of God as the bread of life. We are strangers in the world for everything is temporary and will come to an end but the gift of God is eternal life. Time will come that we may feel that we’re alone and only Jesus can fill and satisfy our longing. At times that we feel empty, Jesus fills us up with His loving presence and overflowing blessings.

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