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Transgender Shares Testimony God Whispered Him 6 Words That Made Him Totally Transformed

God has given us a lot of chance to change our ways, turn away from our sins and follow what the Lord tells us to do. He granted us life with the purpose of serving in His ministry. Humans were made to take good care of the possessions of God and do things in His favor. The Lord created man and woman equally from His likeness and His own image. Are you ready to leave your old life and focus on serving God when He calls you to do so?

Jeffrey McCall is a former transgender woman who became transformed by the grace of God. At the age of 12, he started having homosexual thoughts that pushed him to be a transgender someday. His lifestyle before was so destructive that he was drowned with drugs and too much partying. He tried dating different men and was inclined to hard drugs. He started living as a transgender woman expecting that he would have a better and happier world. But everything came to an end when he heard God whispering him words that would completely change his life. God was talking to him that night whispering 6 clear words “Yes, you will live for me”. He left his identity as “Scarlett” and followed all the way with God.

Listen to God’s voice for He surely has something to say to you. He whispers in your ear and you need to find Him in your heart. Turn away from your sins and be transformed by the power of God. Watch the video below as Jeffrey McCall reveals the message that God wants him to share with others.

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