Travis Cottrell Declares Great Message Of Salvation Through Spectacular Rendition “His Name Is Jesus”

We were given unique names to determine each one of us and these name were given by our parents with a purpose. Some of us are named through a combination of our mother and father’s name. While some, are named based on their favorite artists or could be named after their grandparents. Whatever name you have, it doesn’t decrease the value of your personality more than anything else. But have you ever heard of the most beautiful name that ever existed? A person with perfect qualities that one should imitate, the sweetest name of all, the name of Jesus.

Travis Cottrell is an American contemporary Christian music artist who is blessed with an amazing gift of singing. He is also a known songwriter, author and worship leader. Now this talented man shares his acoustic version of the song “His Name Is Jesus” as included in his album Heaven’s Hope. The song brings a wonderful message of love and hope when God sent His only Son to wash away the sins of the world in order for us to have a new life in Christ Jesus.

Jesus was made flesh and dwelt among us. He died on the cross of Calvary and surrendered His life in order for us to achieve freedom from the bondage of sin. The world is full of sin and the enemy will continue to overpower our lives in order to win us. Our strong foundation of faith is the greatest weapon that can overcome all temptations. Believe in God and accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Let Him reign in your life and let Him enter your heart. Turn away from your sins and be a changed man that you may be found faithful in serving Him.

Travis Cottrell // His Name Is Jesus (Heaven’s Hope) // New Song Cafe
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