Two Soldiers Caught On Camera Singing Praises To God, Incredible Talent Indeed!

We were made with a purpose and each one of us has our own calling. You may be a teacher or doctor by profession, also there is something within you that you need to discover. A special skill or talent bestowed by God is incredible and amazing. God has prepared our future beforehand and everything should fall accordingly based on His plan. He promised to give us hope and a better future, this is something that we need to claim.

Caleb Mckee and Peyton Pisacane are soldiers who made a promise of serving their countrymen. Their life is dedicated to defending their country under any circumstance. But aside from being soldiers by profession, these two has great talents. They could play musical instruments and they also have an amazing voice which they use in a very smart way. They were caught on the camera singing a worship song and this was awesome!

Listening to a worship song offered by somebody with a pure heart and good intention is heart melting. It gives a peaceful state of mind and every time your heart beats, it is something that you should be thankful for. A good and faithful servant is being rewarded. Use your talents to glorify God and mercy will follow all the days of your life. Check this out and be like these two soldiers found faithful in the service of the Lord.