Viral Photo of Kids’ First Day of School Helps Family Find New Home

It’s common practice for parents to take photos of their children on their first day of school to mark another milestone in their education and in their growth. The photos serve as mementos and reminders of their kids being all grown up as they face what the world has to offer.

Normally, what we see are snaps of children beaming at the camera or waving goodbye as they get on the school bus. But one photo catches people’s attention because it’s out of the ordinary.

Mother-of-three Jamisha Harris from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, never expected that the photo of her kids’ first day of school would make headlines. She didn’t think it would make such a great impact that it would help lift the family out of their financial turmoil.

The viral photo shows Jamisha’s daughter and her two sons holding hands with their heads bowed in prayer. The mom shared the snap on Facebook and captioned it with a heartfelt prayer asking God to watch over her kids as they enter Idea Bridge Academy for the new school year.  WAFB Channel 9 shared the heart-warming photo on its Facebook page and it soon became viral.

However, the snap tells a far deeper story. Jamisha told Fox News that the family had to endure a difficult year after she and her husband both lost their jobs. Worse, they too didn’t have a place to call home after they lost their apartment just a day before the photo was taken.

To add to their worries, Jamisha is anxious over her children’s safety in the wake of the recent mass shootings. She said the family really took the tragedies hard and she feels nothing is safe for her kids anymore.

“…We are praying because I am sending my children into this wicked world and mommy is not there to protect them,” Jamisha said of the photo.

Jamisha believes in the power of prayers and so she not only prays for her family but for everyone else including teachers, friends, bus drivers, and for peace and change. It’s her faith in God and her desire to impart good spiritual practices to her children that inspired and urged many to donate to her GoFundMe page, which has raised over $39,000 from a goal of $8,000.

The outpouring of support from strangers is definitely a divine intervention and one that will surely help Jamisha’s family get back on their feet and find a home to call their own.

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