LifestyleMom Lost 3 of her Quadruplet Faithful Testimony Will Touch You Deeply

Mom Lost 3 of her Quadruplet Faithful Testimony Will Touch You Deeply

Having been married for about five years and a half, this couple had been praying and believing God for a baby. They believe in one thing that, GOD IS IN CONTROL. Read the rollercoaster story of this couple who have chosen to trust God despite the pain that they are going through.

Nothing compares to the joy Kenny and Kayla Green had when they received the news that they will not just be having a baby, but FOUR babies! Had struggled with infertility, this couple had been praying to have a baby that they could call their own. And conceiving this quadruplet is above and beyond their expectations. These babies are God’s unexpected gift.

“So God gave us a baby for every year of infertility that we experienced. He blessed us exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think. We are still in awe of what God did and continues to do each and every week with these miracle babies,” Kayla posted on her Facebook page days before Valentines. She even proudly wrote “P.S.–I have 5 Valentines!”

The couple’s joy was uncontainable, especially Kayla who’s carrying these little angels in her womb. “We are so excited! We have been praying for 2 girls and 2 boys and that’s exactly what we got. God is so good and so faithful!” Kayla wrote on her Facebook page after the gender reveal.

But something tragic happened. The overflowing joy that they had was suddenly replaced with excruciating pain. “I have never in my life felt this kind of pain. Pain that seems like it will never go away.”

Kayla and Kenny lost three of their four babies. It was hard to comprehend and it wrecked them, especially Kayla. The situation just broke her heart into pieces. “It just wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right. I am looking at 3 dead babies. How is this God’s plan?” Kayla wrote recalling the thoughts that she had upon seeing her three little angles lifeless. “I don’t know but I know it is and I trust in it. He knows better than I and He has greater plans for me than I could ever imagine. I know He is good and I know He is faithful. I’m happy my babies are with Him and that I will see them again one day.”

Kayla’s post about their rollercoaster ride will surely bring tears to your eyes:

Yes, losing a child is painful. How much more if you lose three? And it is even more painful especially for the mother who carried them for months. But Kayla is continually standing strong for her little Elijah. Just this September, Elijah turned four months old. He’s still at Erlanger NICU but he’s continually fighting, slowly progressing.

“It’s going to be a hard road but I know God’s got us. He has a plan and we trust in it. We believe Elijah is going to pull through this and have such a powerful testimony. We believe the Lord is going to use our story to help reach others. We believe that good will come out of losing our sweet babies.”

It may be hard for Kayla and for Kenny but they still hold on to God’s faithfulness. They may not comprehend God’s plan but they still choose to trust knowing that He is the sovereign God who loves them so much.

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