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What Happened to This Mr. Indifferent Later? Watch and Find the Importance to Help

A famous quotation says “No man is an island” which simply means that men need each other in order to survive. As we tackle our lifelong journey, we experience hard times and seek a helping hand. There are people who were born lucky with regards to their status in life, but it doesn’t mean that they need nobody in their whole life. Time will come that we will realize the importance of making a difference to the world.

A cartoon presentation of Mr. Indifferent was made to teach everyone an important lesson. The video shows the story of a man who doesn’t care about the people around him. He doesn’t want to exert effort to help. He even wouldn’t like to press the elevator for a girl who was in a rush, help a kid who was about to lose her balloon and assist an old woman who is about to cross the street. Time passed by that it is already his turn to be helped, and the same thing happened to him.

Jesus taught us a lesson of kindness and generosity when He was nailed at the cross of Calvary. Taking some time to help others who are in need is something that would be appreciated. Help others in your own simple way and surely you will also receive help in times of worst situations. People might forget your name, but assuredly they will never forget what you’ve done. The world may be chaos, but the key to achieving peace is in our own hands. Start helping other people and you will surely make a difference!

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