LifestyleWhat I Saw at the Top of Jacob's Ladder Amazed Me!

What I Saw at the Top of Jacob’s Ladder Amazed Me!

David Herzog found Jacob’s Ladder. He will never forget what he saw next…
▶▶Limitless Glory by David Herzog [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Limitless Glory by David Herzog [Digital Download]:

What the world needs NOW is God without limits.

It’s in the Bible. God reserved a season for His Glory to move over the entire earth. David Herzog says you were born to witness it. But there are NO seats on the sidelines!

From a young age, David was schooled to prepare his generation. David is no stranger to Glory encounters, and what Limitless Glory shares is for every willing believer. That includes:

• How to go into Limitless Glory
• How your gifting and Glory work
• How to participate in God’s move from your Heavenly seat
• How to hear God in the Glory
• How bloodline affects your destiny
• How to reap where you haven’t sown
• Bringing the future into the now (and more).

Limitless Glory will take you places you never imagined, even Heavenly places as Glory moves!

In his 2-CD/audio series, The ABC’s of Entering and Walking in the Glory, David spells out the practical side, step-by-step ways for entering into the Glory. There’s no reason to wait for someone else to lead. Just do it!

David’s offer includes worship by Steve Swanson (CD/audio) to get you started With No More Delay!

▶▶Limitless Glory by David Herzog [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Limitless Glory by David Herzog [Digital Download]:

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