‘Why They Aren’t Humbled, Ashamed?’: Skillet’s John Cooper On Christian Leaders Renouncing Faith

John Cooper, the lead member of famous Christian band Skillet, has some strong observations about the recent reports of Christian leaders renouncing their faith. He blatantly shares his opinions about these disheartening event on social media.

The world reeled in surprise and disbelief when Joshua Harris, author of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” announced he’s taking the atheist plunge. This was followed by Hillsong worship leader Marty Sampson, who admitted that he is struggling and “genuinely losing faith.”

In a Facebook post, Cooper slammed these disavowed church influencers and said they should be embarrassed for making such vocal and bold stance to renounce their faith in public. In the same post, he criticized their comments against the Christian faith, something which they have preached for over 20 years and led generations with it.

Cooper expressed his disbelief and shock that these members still want to influence others (for what purpose?) when they clearly don’t know where they’re headed. He said that they should be fearful, confused, and humbled, instead of eager to still lead after they’ve renounced their Christian faith. Likewise, Cooper called it “bizarre and ironic” that these former Church leaders try to preach what for them is the truth when their teachings are mere “regurgitation of Jesus’ words” including loving and being generous to others.

“So why then would a disavowed Christian leader promote that ‘generosity is good’? How would you know ‘what is good’ without Jesus’s teachings? And will your ideas of what is ‘good’ be different from year to year based on your experience, culture trends, popular opinion, etc…,” Cooper wrote.


In an interview with CBN News, Cooper clarified that his Facebook post wasn’t meant to attack anyone. He said he wrote it not out of anger and hatred but because he was sad and disheartened. He added that he wanted to make a call and a plea for Christians to “hold on even tighter to the anchor of the living Word of God” instead of finding creative ways to twist the truth based on culture, experiences, and emotions.

Cooper implored for the church to “rediscover the preeminence of the Word,” to value its teachings, and for the people to “value truth over feeling.” He said that his lengthy post is a plea for the church to come back to the truth of the Gospel which never changes.

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