LifestyleWoman Brings Hope to Pregnant Cancer Patient Through A Gospel Song

Woman Brings Hope to Pregnant Cancer Patient Through A Gospel Song

In the worst of situations, the only one that we can hold on to is God. But it feels good if someone would hold our hand as well as we hold on to God.

Mallorie Bush Cochran is probably in the worst situation of her life. Mallorie is 27 years old and was diagnosed with colon cancer.  She started her chemotherapy during the last week of April 2018.  However, when she started with the chemo, Mallorie was 22 weeks pregnant with a precious baby girl.

She’s is a loving wife to her husband Chris & a mother to their firstborn Brooklyn.  She is cheerful, loving, unbelievably strong and always puts everyone before herself. This is probably the reason why there are so many who love her.  Her local community has been rallying around her in support and prayer. They are rallying through social media and her family and friends have been raising financial support to help Mallorie with the medical expenses.

Good afternoon Grace family! I need all of you to help me pray for a very special lady. Mallorie Bush Cochran is 22 weeks pregnant and will be starting chemo this week. Mallorie is a strong woman…

However, this amazing woman went to visit Mallorie in the hospital bringing her a gift of hope. Jamina Johnson decided to go and minister to Mallorie with nothing but her powerful and heart-stirring vocals. She held Mallorie by the hand and starts to belt out the worship tune ‘You Are Great’ by Juanita Bynum. The song, I believe, just stirred up the hopes in Mallorie’s heart causing her to lift up her hands in worship. It is a reminder for Mallorie and for everyone who watched the video that whatever situation we are in today, our God remains the same.“You are great. You do miracles so great. There is no-one else like you,” Johnson belts out holding Mallorie’s hands tightly.  “You deserve the glory and the honor. We lift our hands and worship. God, we bless your holy name,” with hands lifted up in praise to God.

Well we done had “church” today!! Thank you so much Ms. Jamina for coming by and singing and praying into Mallorie!!❤️❤️

The beautiful moment of sung worship was captured by Mallorie’s father, who posted it on Facebook, with the caption: “Well we done had “church” today!!” Jamina brought the church into that hospital room. Indeed the church is more than just the building, but the church is the body of Christ worshiping together, praying for one another, encouraging each other, helping one another even in the worst of situations. Jamina did a small act of kindness that definitely brought so much hope to Mallorie and even to her family.

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