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Woman Gave Her Pair Of Boots To Homeless in Freezing Day, What Ellen Did Surprised Her Back!

An act of kindness could be in different forms. It is a product of showing care to other people whether you know them or not. It’s an act of letting other people know that you also feel what they’re going through in life. An act of kindness is somehow considered as a simple form of a heroic act.

Kelly is a generous woman who is really fond of helping other people without expecting anything in return. It was one freezing day when she was on her way home, she passed by a homeless woman holding a sign asking help for some winter clothes and a pair of boots. Kelly’s heart was touched by God when she immediately asks her husband to stop the car because she wants to help the homeless woman.

She gave the woman the pair of boots that she was wearing that time without even thinking that she will be walking barefoot by doing so. The woman was so thankful that she also offered to give her old pair of boots because she’s concerned about Kelly going back to her car without shoes. It was just one simple act of kindness that tells the whole world that there are still people with good heart who exists.

Ellen invited Kelly in her show and was amazed at the young woman’s kindness. She gave Kelly her pair of boots with $10,000 on each shoe. Ellen told Kelly to look for 10 of her friends and give $1000 each for them to use the money in helping other people and pay it forward while the other $10,000 is for Kelly and she can use it for herself.

Helping other people in your own simple way is something that they will never forget about you. God wants us to love other people just as we love ourselves. Start changing the world by making a difference. Help other people as they may see God working through your good deeds.

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