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Woman Lost Chance of Pregnancy In Fire On Thanksgiving Night Tried A Lot With Husband to Make Marriage Work until They Went to Church

The hardest things in life come and test our faith in God. It will test your strength and patience as an individual and this is the time that most of us are hopeless to survive. Your faith is tested whether you give in or you fight and become even stronger. God doesn’t give problems without solutions but human as we are, we seem to worry what our future will be. We seek for answers and neglect God’s plan in our lives without recognizing the better future that lies ahead God’s masterpiece.

Kanisha was only 4 years old when she had a fire incident on Thanksgiving night. It was a nightmare and this incident tested her faith in God. She lost her fingers and hairs because of burning. She underwent a series of laboratories and was told by doctors that it was impossible for her to bear a child. This incident gave her a heartache, she was not just hurt physically but the worst part was that it was already impossible for her to have her own family. Having a family of your own, hearing your kids laughing and running around is every couple’s wish and satisfaction but Kanisha just lost her chance to do so. She met her husband who is also a fire victim and they got married. They stayed together and was trying hard to make their relationship work. Struggles came and they were both tested of their faith. Then one day, Kanisha and her husband decided to go to Church on the Rock.

It was not because of anything that they achieved having a family of their own, it was simply because they did not lose hope and they were tightly holding on to their faith in God. Trials will come along the way and a lot of obstacles will try to ruin your faith. When you feel hopeless and experience that what you’re currently going through is out of control, you’ve got no choice and no other option but to trust Jesus. Trusting Him should not be an option, it should be a priority!

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