LifestyleWoman Reported Parents for Harassment but Finally Police Arrested Her

Woman Reported Parents for Harassment but Finally Police Arrested Her

Serving God could be in different ways. One of those is attending church and getting involved in His ministry. You tend to meet your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, listen to His teachings through the preacher, sing songs of praises and most of all building up a strong foundation of your faith. A famous quote says that a family that prays together, stays together. Attending church with your family members grants harmony and peace at home. It also helps your family to be more matured and stronger to face the problems that lie ahead.

A 30-year-old woman named Ashley Shanell Fuller tried to call 911 and reported that her parents were harassing her. Police came at their house and knew that her father was just inviting her to attend church. Ashley was complaining that this is a harassment because it violates her rights but the policemen told her that it couldn’t be considered as a form of violation.

Ashley was pissed and out of her anger, she used profane language towards the police officer that made them arrest her. What she did was a violation and breach of peace. The enemy could have used Ashley and her emotions. Offer your life to God and serve only Him, don’t let the enemy succeed in your life.

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