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Woman Stood Up in Food Court Talked Loudly On The Phone, What Happened Next Is Extraordinary!

As we celebrate the holiday season, part of it is hearing Christmas carols all over the place. Wherever you go, in malls or restaurants you’ll surely hear classic Christmas carols being played. This is a symbolism that everyone is celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and happiness is shared all over the world.

A group of singers from Pennsylvania All-State Chorus belted out a surprise in a public place which was truly wonderful. A woman was standing in a food court talking on her phone in a very loud manner when suddenly all heads were turned to catch the attention of everybody inside the small room. It was a busy day and people were trying to go shopping so the place was filled in. Suddenly a man started to sing “Messiah” and another 2 people answered with a few lines of the song.

It was an unexpected impromptu performance that took place wherein people were amazed and joined singing. The place was filled with joy as some people paused eating for a while and grabbed their phone to take photos and videos. This group brought happiness to the people who were there during that time. That was indeed an awesome surprise for this season of love and hope. Watch the video below and listen to an outstanding impromptu performance brought by All-State Chorus. Their voices are truly God’s gift!

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