‘Wonder Years’ Star Danica McKellar: ‘You Get to Have A Personal Relationship with God’

Danica McKellar, renowned for her role as Winnie Cooper in the classic TV series “The Wonder Years,” is making headlines for a new chapter in her life – her journey into Christianity. Despite a successful acting career and recognition for roles in “Great American Family” and Hallmark Channel films, McKellar recently shared a profound testimony about her newfound faith.

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For much of her life, McKellar held a negative view of Christianity, perceiving it as a force that had historically championed evil. This perspective changed dramatically when fellow actress and outspoken Christian, Candace Cameron Bure, extended an invitation to attend church.

Recalling the pivotal moment, McKellar shared, “It was Palm Sunday of 2022. And it was a Passion Play. And it just hit me like a wave. It was immediate. It was, like, the Holy Spirit just flooded me.”

This encounter marked the beginning of McKellar’s exploration of Christianity, challenging her preconceived notions about the faith. She emphasized that Christianity is not solely about historical misdeeds but centers on establishing a personal relationship with God.

Reflecting on her transformation, McKellar stated, “It’s about your relationship with God, you get to have a personal relationship with God. And that was like such a revelation. Christianity is not what I thought it was.”

Recognizing the imperfections of individuals, McKellar addressed the common stumbling block faced by those hesitant to embrace Christianity due to the mistakes of its followers. She urged a distinction between the actions of flawed individuals and the true nature of Jesus, emphasizing that the errors of some do not define the authenticity of the faith.

McKellar expressed her realization, saying, “Those aren’t authentic Christians. And so just realizing that — it just opened the whole thing up.”

Since her spiritual awakening, McKellar has delved into Scripture, embarking on a year-long journey of reading the Bible. Her recent projects, such as the movie “A Royal Date for Christmas” on the Great American Family Channel, reflect her commitment to uplifting and positive storytelling.

“I believe we can put out really positive things to help people live better lives,” McKellar explained. “It’s not just about an escape; it’s about seeing what human nature can be. And hopefully, inspiring the audience to strive for that.”

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