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Worship Pastor Release New Song “Fighting For Us” Knowing God Doesn’t Abandon His People

In times of hardship, we may think that God has left us in a very hard situation. We sometimes blame God on why we suffer such trials in life. We always question Him on why He sent us problems in life and left us drowned in a complicated situation. We need to trust His plan and during those times that we’re not able to see His face or we cannot touch His hands, the only option we get is to trust His great love for us.

Michael Farren is a singer and songwriter as well as a worship pastor. He spent 16 years of his life as a lead vocalist of a worship band. He has nurtured the talent that was bestowed by God and he’s being effective by sharing the word of God through his songs. The lyrics of the songs written by Michael inspired many lives and have given people the chance to know God better and started to build their relationship with the Lord. Michael has released his debut solo album Fighting For Us and is rocking it to the top. The song speaks about God being there with eyes wide open and a heart that never stops loving us. Our God is a forgiving God and He always gives a lot of chances for us to repent of our sins.

God is working in everyone’s life and He watches over us 24/7. He listens to our prayers and He definitely knows what we feel at this very moment. Reveal God’s plan in your life and accept every challenge with a God-given strength. Whatever you ask in His name will be given as long as your heart is pure. Listen to Michael Farren as he delivers God’s message to you. Bury His words into your heart that you may not sin against Him.

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