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Worship to the Next Level! Best Mash Up Ever by this Christian Couple

This powerful vocal couple takes worship to the next level! Listen to Caleb and Kelsey Grimm as they sing their beautiful arrangement of these three worship classics—‘Mighty to Save’, ‘From the Inside Out’ and ‘The Stand’. This, probably, is the best mashup ever!

Surely, their love for music and their love for God had brought this lovely couple together. Can you imagine doing the thing that you love right with the one that you love, for the One that you love? I believe this makes their relationship as husband and wife to all the more grow stronger. Both are blessed with such great talent in music which they use to create beautiful praises for Him. Their devotion to God is the bond that sticks their relationship together. Surely a chord of three strands is not easily broken. Their love and devotion to God are at the center of their relationship and that makes it unbreakable.

This beautiful arrangement of these three classics is a product of their love for God. This song will remind us that our God is mighty and all powerful. This will bring back the desire in us to get to know Him all the more and to worship Him with our all. This song touches the heart of everyone who hears it.  Listen to it and let every word pierce into your heart.

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