LifestyleWOW! Group Of Marines Sing 'Days Of Elijah' Praising Our God

WOW! Group Of Marines Sing ‘Days Of Elijah’ Praising Our God

Camp Pendleton marines are one of a kind. They are soldiers of the country as well as soldiers of God. And who would dare come against such an army? No wonder America has the biggest and strongest army in the world.

Hand in hand these soldiers sang the song with understanding and gusto. This song has become the battle song for Camp Pendleton mariners. These soldiers know that in these days of Elijah they have to make a stand for righteousness, unity, integrity, justice and praise and worship. Their battle is not only for physical territory but most of all for the soul of anyone willing to come to Jesus.

There are many kinds of enemies. These soldiers know that God should overcome their mind and spirit first before they can overcome their enemies. Their lives must have the characters that this song intones in order for them to win. Knowing that, God is with them and on their side has made going to battle easier. So, with one heart they would life up their voice and cry out the truth that – there is no God like Jehovah! Watch the video below and feel the awesome presence of the Lord of Hosts.

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