Young Blind Girl Impressed Everyone Hitting The Notes When She Sang “The Prayer” The Voice Kids France

We were all born equal in the eyes of our Creator. Whether you’re rich or poor, your economic status doesn’t define what kind of person you are. It is not based on the color of your skin or the language that you speak. It is simply based on the intentions of your heart. There are people who were born with physical disabilities which causes them to lose their self-esteem. God looks on the inside as what you inside define your true beauty.

Jane Constance is a young girl who was born blind but has a great and spectacular voice. She joined The Voice Kids France and during her audition, the judges, as well as the crowd, loved her performance. She chose a famous and inspiring song “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli as her audition piece. When Jane started to release her first note, the judges knew by then that she is a great singer at a young age.

The judges loved her performance and started to turn their chairs around. The audience were cheering because of her sweet singing voice. The song talks about the most important way of communicating with God which is through prayer. Pray steadfastly because all things are possible through prayers. Watch the video below and be inspired by Jane’s angelic voice as she serenades the audience of The Voice Kids France.

The Prayer – Andrea Bocelli / Céline Dion | Jane Constance | The Voice Kids 2015 | Blind Audition

Pour son audition à l’aveugle, Jane Constance (14 ans) a choisi le morceau d’Andrea Bocelli et Céline Dion, “The Prayer”. Un choix payant puisque la jeune fille fera se retourner les trois coachs. C’est finalement Patrick Fiori qu’elle choisira comme coach!

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