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Little Girl Was Passed By And Hungry after An Earthquake until Young Boy Took A Stand

Tragedies sometimes bring out the worst in people, but there are a few that rise to the occasion and ensure that they won’t be defeated no matter what.

Years ago, a touching story about a young boy and his female friend made headlines following a 7.3 magnitude earthquake that killed 530 people on the Iran and Iraq border.

While thousands of families were grieving following the harrowing incident, there was one boy that captured the hearts of millions across the world.

Young boy’s video goes viral

A short clip showing how the young boy cared for his female friend warmed the souls of everyone watching. It appears that a man, who had been giving away free food to those in need, forgot to hand out a meal to the young girl.

When the boy realized that his female friend, who was a bit younger than him, didn’t have food, he encouraged her to go back and ask for it, according to Go Updates.

The young boy approached the man distributing the food and said that he failed to give his friends a packed meal. The man was surprised at how caring the boy was so he decided to give his friend food and he also gave the boy a second meal.

Everyone around them seemed to cheer them on. And even though they weren’t speaking in English, people from across the globe understood what the boy was trying to do, according to Romper.

People from across the world are inspired

Love, care, and generosity know no bounds. And sometimes, children are the best example of how adults should act. Despite potentially losing his home or his loved ones, the young boy prioritized his friend more than himself.

The boy’s video holding the young girl’s hand and leading him to the man distributing food went viral on Twitter. Thousands of people praised him for his kindness.

“Well, this settles it then. It’s time to let kids run the world because grownups have just made a right mess of it,” Twitter user @NickGill2017 said.

Others also quoted their favorite personalities like Taylor Swift.

“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind,” the singer once said.

“Helping others is the way we help ourselves,” Oprah Winfrey said.

But some credit must also be given to the boy’s parents because it’s obvious that they raised him well. And while one kind gesture can’t change the problems of the world, it can certainly change the life of at least one person.

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