Young Man Gives Homeless Man a ‘Hearty Meal’ From Burger King

When it comes to sharing our blessings, oftentimes we hesitate to help the poor or the homeless. We prioritize our family or those close to us. But a story about a boy who works at Burger King and how he treated a homeless man is a great reminder that we should be generous and share with the less fortunate.

Matthew Resendez was manning the counter at the fast-food joint when a homeless man approached him and asked what he can get for 50 cents. Obviously, he could not get anything to eat out of the amount. But Resendez, who was used to serving homeless men at the joint, decided to give him a hearty meal from the menu out of his own money.

Surprisingly, a woman diner saw the generous act and decided to pay it forward with a $100 tip to the young man. The diner also wrote to the company to compliment him for showing care and generosity. Resendez’s mother, Michelle, was so proud of her son that she took to Facebook to brag about his good deed.

“Matthew asked him what he would order if he could and the man said anything would help his hunger pains. So Matthew rung him up for a hearty meal and then used his own debit card to pay for the man’s meal. He handed him the receipt and told him to relax and take a seat. So proud to be his mom and I can pat myself on the back knowing that I’ve played a part in raising this big-hearted young man,” she wrote.

We could all learn something from Resendez about kindness and generosity. When it comes to helping people, we should not limit ourselves to just friends or immediate family members. We should all think about the less fortunate, those with no food on their table or nothing to wear.

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