Lifestyle10-Month-Old Forms Sweet Bond with Swimming Instructor Amid Lonely Pandemic

10-Month-Old Forms Sweet Bond with Swimming Instructor Amid Lonely Pandemic

One of the best things about friendship is that age doesn’t matter and the friendship built by a 3-month-old baby Lucas and his swimming instructor, Carlson Rogers proves the statement.

Lucas was born during the pandemic so he wasn’t given the chance to meet a lot of people. But when his mother, Tracey Martorana started bringing Lucas to a swimming lesson, she did not know that will be the start of a wonderful friendship for her baby.

“Being a pandemic baby, our circle is really small,” Tracey said. “He knows the grandparents, immediate family, and then there’s Carlson. Carlson is a part of our crew.”

Now that Lucas is already 10 months old, he is still exclusively taking private lessons with Carlson. Carlson just knew exactly what to do with baby Lucas that’s why it is not hard for the duo to build a relationship.

Tracey decided to post a photo of her baby and Carlson on her social media account and as expected, it went viral. She also posted several videos showing the precious moments of the two together. There is one specific video wherein baby Lucas rests his head on Carlson’s shoulder when he got a little sleepy during their swimming lesson.

It was such a beautiful friendship that people commented on Tracey’s account how much they love and adore the relationship of the two. It may seem odd to other people to have a baby best friend but for Lucas and Carlson, it is wonderful to have someone understand you even though you have a huge age difference.

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