12-Year-Old Girl’s Decision Broke Her Parent’s Heart Left Readers In Tears

The tongue is the sharpest weapon as you can never take back the words that you have already spoken. The word of the Lord in Philippians 4:5 always reminds us to let our gentleness be evident to all for the Lord is near. There are times that we are mad and the words that are coming out of our mouth hurts somebody. Harsh words can be a reason of heartache and we need to be extra careful of every single word that we speak to others.

Mallory Grossman is a 12-year-old girl, a sixth grader who’s always picked by her classmates as a laughing stock. She experiences terrible bullying almost every day of her life. Nobody wants to mingle with her for no reason. Because of this experience, she lived a life full of sorrow and distress. She felt like the whole world hates her and she cries for it. She received cruel messages and it came to a point that somebody told her to kill herself.

Mallory is a sweet, kind and quiet little girl. Her parents could not figure out why people at school hate her. Mallory ended her life by committing suicide because of intense bullying. Her parents could not imagine the tragedy that their daughter experienced. They were buried with grief as their daughter left them in pain. What happened to Mallory should serve as a lesson to everybody and we need to learn from it. Hurting people in any way is unpleasing to the eyes of God.

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