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13-Year-Old Boy Lost Sight But God Gave Him An Ear For Music, Performance Left Listeners In Awe

We are lucky enough to be born with complete senses and is capable of doing things easily. However, there are some people who are born to have some physical abnormalities as explained by Science. These conditions prevent them from doing things in easy access and at times it affects their self-esteem. Whatever it is that they’re going through, surely God has a reason why He made them like that. A reason that will be revealed as they tackle different chapters in life.

Ethan Loch was born blind but was truly blessed by God with an incredible talent. As early as 18 months old he already learned how to play the piano. He may be born without eyesight but he was bestowed with magical ears to listen to music. Ethan mastered Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata at an early age of three and a half and this is something unusual! Now he’s 13 years old and he’s rocking the Little Big Shots UK! The mission of this popular show is to feature children’s talents all over the world and serve as an inspiration to others.

Ethan’s story aims to inspire people and he shared it during an interview with Dawn French. He may be born blind but having such talent is something that Ethan should be proud of and be thankful to the Lord. He also shared that he is a big fan of Harry Potter and he read a lot of books about it. The interview was pretty nice and they were talking about Ethan’s interests and hobbies. Watch the video below and reflect on Ethan’s story. Appreciate what God has given you for your life is the most precious gift that God gave to humanity.

Inspirational Blind 13yr Old Pianist Gets A Lovely Surprise | Little Big Shots
Ethan, who has never had the ability to see mastered started playing the piano from just 18 months. Since then he has become a master Pianist. In this clip Dawn has a special surprise for him!

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