16-Year-Old Singer with Tourette Syndrome Stuns Voice Judges with His blind Audition

People who have disabilities are usually looked down upon because of their seeming limitations. But when God gives someone a challenge, He doesn’t just leave them empty handed. He gives people opportunities and talents that they can enhance themselves that will help make their lives a lot more meaningful.

Adam’s story is something that can inspire anyone whether they are disabled or not. His story is not about what makes him a little different from other “normal” people. His story is about bravery.

The 16-year old singer has Tourette’s Syndrome. This is a condition that causes people to have tics including movements, sounds they do repeatedly, or twitches. It can be especially awkward in places if people do not know what the person is suffering from.

Adam said that it used to bother him that he had the condition. He looked for ways that he can live a normal life. Then, he found that he had a knack for singing and that was what made his life even more extraordinary. When he sings, all the ticks and twitches vanish.

The only time he gets a break from the effects of Tourette syndrome is when he sings. He feels completely at ease when he sings. Isn’t that incredible? While singing, he does not have a single tic.

This is why he decided to audition for The Voice Australia.

He chose the song “Trouble” by Coldplay. And when he started singing, the judges immediately reacted with pleasure.

One by one, they pressed the button and wondered at the boy who was singing his heart out not knowing the story behind his angelic voice.

When he finished singing, the judges and the audience gave him a standing ovation. That’s when the tics and twitches started again. The judges praised him for his talent and told him that his voice was one of the most unique voices they have heard.

Adam said thanks and took the opportunity to tell them of his condition. When the judges learned of this.

“When I sing, it all goes away completely, so it’s the one time I actually get a release,” he said.

They immediately applauded the young boy and said that he was not only talented but very brave as well.

He now has a YouTube channel where Adam describes and shows what it’s like to have Tourette syndrome. He hopes to show others with the disorder not only that they are not alone, but that anything is possible for them, disability or no disability.

God gives me sometimes seem unfair. But that is far from the truth. He knows how each one of us are made and knows how we can rise above every situation. It is there that He provides all that we need so that we can be the best that we can be.

So, no matter what challenges you are facing today, remember that God has put you where you are for a plan and for a purpose. You can be brave. And when all seems to fail around you, God will make a way and will save you.

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