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4-Year-Old Boy Enumerate Books Of The Bible Impressed Audience, His Last Statement Was The Funniest!

It is funny at times when you get to have time to talk to kids and they’re telling stories in their cute little way. These little children are God’s blessing and they are meant to give color and happiness to the world. If you’re a parent, after a long tiring day from work your kids are at the door waiting and they ease all the heavy feeling that you have. Children are so close to the heart of Jesus and it was one of His order to let the little children come to Him for they will inherit the kingdom of God.

It is sometimes surprising that there are kids who know a lot better than adults. They sometimes tend to learn faster than old people do. A 4-year-old boy stood at the center of the church together with some other children during a Sunday service. He moved closer to the microphone and started to recite all the books in the Bible. The audience were surprised of his good memory and started clapping.

After enumerating all the books in the Bible, he started telling everyone that all his exes lived in Texas and the people started laughing. A woman immediately grabbed the microphone off him to stop the cute little boy. Children are full of innocence and they easily adapt what they see and hear from people around them. Bring your kids to church and teach them the ways of the Lord that they may grow as God-fearing individuals. Watch the video below and check out how cute and funny this little boy while reciting.

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